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Amazon (amazon.in) Order Status Tracking (App / Website)

Online shopping is the modern day trend. With the increasing trend of online shopping, window shopping is decreasing day by day. There are a lot of e-commerce websites available in Indian market but Amazon grabs the top spot due to its high-quality products. Amazon India comes at first when it comes to online shopping. The site retails a lot of products ranging from categories such as Mobiles, computers, fashion, beauty, health, grocery, books, sports, fitness, toys, bike and car accessories, home décor, kitchen accessories, pet’s essentials and many more.

Have you ordered something from Amazon and are eagerly waiting for your product then don’t worry. You may some questions in your mind such as How to track order from Amazon.in? Here we are providing you with the step to step procedure on how to easily track your order Amazon.in. Currently there are two methods available. One is from Amazon website and other is from their mobile app. We are providing you with all the steps along with appropriate screenshots. Remember that you need to be logged into your amazon account before attempting this tutorial.

Way 1- Website

  1. Open the official website of Amazon India i.e. www.amazon.in and you will be redirected to the start page of the website. This page will tell you about latest offers and ongoing sales.
    How to track order from Amazon?
  2. Head to the “Your account name” option from the top right header and from the dropdown menu, choose your orders option. If you are not log in to the account then firstly click on Sign in and login to your Amazon account with email id and password.
    How to track order from Amazon.in?
  3. From the list, click on the track package button corresponding to the order you want to track.
    Amazon Order Tracking from Website
  4. You will be presented with all the courier details on this page. Look for the proper location in the shipment details section in the lower right side of the screen.
    How to track order from Amazon website?

Way 2- Mobile App

  1. Open the Amazon India mobile app. If you have not installed the mobile app, then Amazon mobile app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.
  2. You will be redirected to the start page which will show you latest products and offers.
  3. Click on the three stack button from the top right corner of the app.
    Amazon Order Track Status - Mobile App
  4. Choose my orders to option from the side drop menu.
    How to track order from Amazon mobile app?
  5. Choose the order which you would like to track.
    How to track order from Amazon mobile app?
  6. Scroll down and click on view tracking details option.
    Amazon order track status
  7. A new page will open which will tell you about the exact location and tracking of your order.

These are the simple steps by which you can track your order from Amazon.

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