Rahul Gandhi Wiki, Family Tree, Age, Cast, Religion, Real Name, Political Career

Rahul Gandhi Wiki / Biography

Real Name Rahul Gandhi
Nick Name RaGa
Profession Politician
Date of birth 19 June, 1970
Age 48 Years (as on 2018)
Height (approx..) 170 cm (in centimenters)

1.70m (in meters)

5’7” (in feet and inches)

Weight (approx.) 70kg (in kilograms)

154lbs (in pounds)

Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Political Party Indian National Congress (INC)
Hometown New Delhi

Family Tree of Rahul Gandhi

Family Tree of Rahul Gandhi

Family of Rahul Gandhi

Father Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi

Mother Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi Mother of Rahul Gandhi

Sister Priyanka Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi sister of Rahul Gandhi

Brother in Law Robert Vadra

Robert Vadra brother in law of Rahul Gandhi

Niece Miraya Vadra

Nephew Raihan Vadra

Raihan Vadra newphew of Rahul Gandhi

Grandmother Late Smt. Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi grandmother of Rahul Gandhi

Grandfather Late Shri Feroze Gandhi

Indira Gandhi grandmother of Rahul Gandhi

Uncle Late Shri Sanjay Gandhi

Sanjay Gandhi uncle of Rahul Gandhi

Aunty Maneka Gandhi

Maneka Gandhi aunty of Rahul Gandhi

Cousin Varun Gandhi

Varun Gandhi cousin of Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter Handle

Who tweets for Rahul Gandhi and handles his Twitter Handle ?

Following an article submitted on The Hindu, a tweet came out from the handle of Rahul Gandhi on 29 October, 2017. It was stated that a dog named Piddi has been tweeting from his handle. A video was also attached with that tweet.

Jokes apart, according to the sources most of the time Mr. Gandhi himself tweets his thoughts. But obviously with the consultation of his core team members. It’s not only him who handles his profile on Twitter. In fact, there is also a dedicated team who manage his PR and decides what he has to convey in front of the nation.

Being a national leader it is really important for him to have a good team who must consult him. But as far as I know every tweet or post needs his approval before escalation.

Rahul Gandhi’s source of income

How Rahul Gandhi Earn Money ? His income sources & salary ?

Mr. Rahul Gandhi (Indian National Congress President) has completed M.Phil from Trinity College, Camdridge University and full time politician. He is an elected Member of Parliament from Amethi constituency. Being a MP he hasn’t any other source of income from anywhere else. So he gets a simple salary like every MP in India. Here is his salary structure :-

Rs.50,000/- per month – Salary
Rs.45,000/- per month – Constituency Allowance
Rs.15,000/- per month -Office Expenses
Rs.30,000/- per month – Secretarial Assistance
Rs.2,000/- per session – Parliament Session Daily Allowance

Several people allege that he has so many other sources as well and got alot of money in heritage. In fact, people put questions over his assets and lifestyle as well. But nothing has been proved by anyone yet.

Note : Being in politics, it is common for politicians to get blamed for corruption from opposite parties. 

Rahul Gandhi’s Marriage / Girlfriend!

Is Rahul Gandhi married, engaged or have any girlfriend ?

Legally and as per records Mr. Rahul Gandhi (Congress President) has neither  been married yet nor engaged. He is about to cross his 40s, but unfortunately he is still unmarried.

Few years ago a rumour travelled in all over country that he might get married secretively to his old girlfriend. Though there wasn’t any proof hence the news was found fake.

As far as his girlfriend is concerned, according to an old news report Mr. Gandhi had one, whom he met at the time of studies in England. Going through the reports she was a Spanish architect and living in Venezuela.

Due to family and political circumstances he couldn’t get married to a foreigner (like his father).

Government Ordinance Trashed by Rahul Gandhi

Which government ordinance Rahul Gandhi tore / trashed ?

It was 27 September, 2013 (Friday), Congress Leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi came in front for media and tore the ordinance brought by then UPA government led by former Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh.

Rahul Gandhi tore : trashes UPA government ordinance

The ordinance was very much controversial at that time because it was said to be launched to save save convicted legislators from disqualification of fighting elections.

At that day, Mr. Singh was not in India. After few hours he was going to meet former President of USA Mr. Barack Obama in Washington DC.

In that press conference Mr. Rahul Gandhi rebuked him publicly by calling it “complete nonsense”.

Rahul Gandhi surprisingly arrived in a Congress press conference and quoted,””I’ll tell you what my opinion on the ordinance is. It’s complete nonsense. It should be torn up and thrown away. That is my personal opinion.”

Popular Controversies / Critisism of Rahul Gandhi

  • Once he announced that he has completed M.Phil in Developmental Economics from Trinity College, Cambridge University in the United Kingdom in 1995 from. But actually, these things did’t match with the certificate issued by his college. After this, Rahul has to face criticism and embarrassment.
  • Wikileaks once revealed that Rahul Gandhi once said Tim Roemer (United States representative) that Hindu terror is bigger threat than Lashkar-e-Taiba (terrorist organisation). He also told that RSS is one of the suspects of having terror links.
  • It was one of the biggest controversy which Rahul Gandhi may have faced in his life. India TV shared a report in which it was written that Rahul Gandhi along with his friends allegedly raped a girl. This matter was also in Supreme Court as well, but all charges were dropped agains Mr. Gandhi.
  • Rahul Gandhi once said in a speech that poverty is only a “state of mind” and it does not mean lack of food or money. However, he has to face alot of criticism of this strong statement.
  • He was also in a controversy over caught sleeping during Parliament session. A video came out in which it seemed that he was sleeping when session in Parliament was going on. Through, later on Congress refused all these allegations. But the image in which Rahul Gandhi has shut his eyes went too much viral on social media.

Rahul Gandhi Contact Details

Where is Rahul Gandhi’s House ? What is the full residence address ?

There are several people who want to contact Congress Leader, President of INC and sitting Member of Parliament Mr. Rahul Gandhi and willing to know about his full residence address. Internet is full of such queries. Here are his contact details :

Rahul Gandhi Residence Address : 12, Tughlak Lane, New Delhi – 110011, India

The above information is being shared with reference of Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s affidavit which has been submitted by him at the time of 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

The information can be used to send mails, parcels, letters or couriers to the INC President. In case you want to contact with him through other ways. Follow below mentioned details.

Rahul Gandhi Email ID : amethi.inc@gmail.com

Rahul Gandhi Contact Number : 8004051011

I hope, the information was useful for you.

Rahul Gandhi’s Birth Place & Date

Where Rahul Gandhi Was Born and what is date of birth ?

What is the date of birth of Rahul Gandhi and where was he born ? Usually people ask this question around various forums on internet and in fact personally as well.

According to the information available on Wikipedia, Congress leader and current INC President Mr. Rahul Gandhi was born in New Delhi (capital city of India). He took birth on 19 June, 1970 (Friday). He is the first child of former Prime Minister of India Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi’s Cast, Gotra, Religion

What is Rahul Gandhi’s Cast & Gotra ? Is he really Hindu? Check here

Rahul Gandhi’s Caste : Brahmin (Kashmiri Brahmin)

Rahul Gandhi’s Gotra : Dattatreya (Dattatreya are Kauls)

Rahul Gandhi’s Religion : Hindu

In November 2018, Congress President Mr. Rahul Gandhi visited famous Pushkar temple in Rajasthan to pray. He was on his election campaigning trip there for State Elections 2018.

After this, Pandit Ji came out in front of media and told,”Rahul Gandhi claimed he is a Kashmiri Brahmin and his gotra is Dattatreya. Dattatreyas are Kauls and in India Kauls are known to be as Kashmini Brahmins.

Through Congress Party President has to face a-lot of controversies over it. BJP tried to mock him in it’s own way. But since then it has been certified publicly that he is a Kashmiri Brahmin and yes of course he belongs to Hindu religion. For the sake of clarity ‘Gandhi’ is his surname.

Watch Video Here

Rahul Gandhi’s Kundli, Birth Chart, Sunsign, Astrology

How to check Rahul Gandhi’s Kundli, Birth Chart, Rashi / Sun sign, Astrology? Check here

Date of Birth -Thursday, June 18, 1970
Birth Time – 21:52:00
Birth Place – Delhi
Longitude – 77 E 13
Latitude – 28 N 39
Time Zone – 5.50
Rashi/ Moon Sign – Scorpion
Nakshatra or Star Constellations – Jyeshtha
Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign/ Sun Sign (Western) – Gemini
Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign/ Sun Sign (Indian) – Gemini

Rahul Gandhi Kundli, Birth Chart, Horoscope, Astrology

The above information has been provided with reference of Kundli Sangraha (Bhat) and Astrosage.com. The estimation has been calculated over the researched information from internet itself.

As fas as the horoscope of Mr. Rahul Gandhi is concerned. Alot of astrologers say he has a good future but may not become Prime Minister in 2019. According to them, there are high chances that he will be the PM of India in 2024.

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