Easy Ways to contact Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Easy Ways to contact Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Alot of people and specially the fans of Prime Minister Narendra Modi are willing to meet him in recent days. What can be the best ways to connect with him, what is his official phone number, how to write a letter and post it to Narendra Modi’s office / home address, is he available on WhatsApp or what is his personal email id ! The answers of all such questions can be found on this page. We are presenting easy and practical ways to connect with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s team.

How to contact PM Narendra Modi 

Before starting anything, we would like to make it clear that, Prime Minister of India is a very high position. Meeting or contact with him is not at all an easy task. Of course he is having a very very tight schedule. Apart from all that, the major reason is his security concern.

If you have anything which is relevant enough to communicate directly to PM Modi, you have to go through his team. Share that using the below mention contact information, channels and sources with the his official team and wait for the response.

Prime Minister Office Phone Number Narendra Modi Personal Mobile Number WhatsApp Number

Phone Number

To contact Modi ji through phone number is difficult. Because he is the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India and of course he would be having a very tight schedule. Still, his phone numbers are below.

  1. Prime Minister Office Phone Number : +91-11-23012312
    (The landline number is the official contact number of PMO India. You can find any staff member here and ask the procedure to connect with Mr. Narendra Modi.)
  2. Prime Minister’s Staff Phone Numbers
    (The list of order wise PM’s staff with their contact numbers are mentioned below in the table. You can check there and request any staff member to connect with the PM. This option should be used in emergency case only.)
  3. WhatsApp Number 
    (Believe it or not. There isn’t any WhatsApp Number that will lead you directly to Prime Minister of India. Through some promotional numbers are being circulated but no-one can contact him directly through WhatsApp. Some people are running a scam on this thing as well. Follow the other procedures of getting an appointment)
  4. Personal Mobile Number
    (Of course Narendra Modi would be having a personal mobile with himself. We have seen him with his phone on TV as well. But his number is among the most secured thing in India. Anyone having the personal mobile number of him will be very special person. So, call any staff member of PMO on mobile and ask him the best possible ways to contact Modi ji. In short, you can’t have his personal mobile number to talk or SMS him)

Email ID

Send email to narendra modi what is the official email id of narendra modi prime minister of india

There are several email id’s through which any person can connect with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Check them below.

Way #1

  • MyGov email ID : connect@mygov.nic.in
    (You can share your thoughts by using the above email id. This will be received by Modi’s staff. It has been observed that Modi ji reads such emails.)
  • Contact Page (Recommended) :  This is the best way to share your message with Narendra Modi ji . Follow these steps :- Follow this url–> https://pmopg.gov.in/pmocitizen/Grievancepmo.aspx– Enter your details like Name, Gender, Address, Pin Code, Phone Number, Mobile
    Number, Email ID etc.
    How to get an appointment of Narendra Modi
    – In category select your query i.e. for complaint regarding any official, person,
    department, police department etc., you can select Public Grievances. Or if you
    like to have an appointment with PM to talk on phone or to meet, select
    Appointment with PM.- Enter the description of your query, enter captcha and click on Submit button. That’s it.
    (This is the best way to share any kind of query to Mr. Narendra Modi through is staff or administrators. You can send your message regarding requests, complaints of anything and email it. There are high chances that it may reach him.)

Way #2

Narendra Modi’s email id : narendramodi1234@gmail.com

Although, personally we don’t think it is among the good ways to connect with the PM. But still, there are several documents and affidavits which shows this as his email id. You can use it to communicate with Modi Ji’s team. There are less chances, that it will work.


This is a public grievance portal to serve for common India citizens. Go ahead share your complaints, suggestions, feedback, queries, questions etc. everything using the contact details of MyGov. Their contact details are as follows :

Office Address
Office of CEO, MyGov
3rd Floor,
Room no-3015
Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
(Government of India)
Electronics Niketan, 6, CGO Complex,
Lodhi Road,
New Delhi – 110003

e-Mail ID : connect[at]mygov[dot]nic[dot]in
Phone Number : 011-24301812

RTI (Right To Information)

It is also one of the most recommended method to use if you are looking for solution of your queries and complaints.

How to file an RTI to PMO

– Write a RTI to PM office.
– Pay RTI fee Rs. 10/- (in cash or in the form of RTI)
– Send this to “Section Office, PMO, South Block, New Delhi-110011, India
– You may expect the reply within 15 days of your query.

For more details you can visit official RTI page of PMO.

Write a Letter

You can write a letter and post it addressing to the Prime Minister’s Office of India.

PMO, South Block, New Delhi-110011, India

You are supposed to write a letter in proper format. Below mentioned things must be included in your letter for proper response or solution , those are :

  • Subject of the application
  • Explanation of your query, properly
  • Your contact details i.e. full address, phone number, email id (if possible)
  • Attach necessary related documents which may support your inquiry.

Note : Thousands of people are writing to PM on daily basis. A dedicated team is handling the letter and other applications. You may not get response on time because of huge traffic. But there is high probability that you letter will be received by the team and they will consider it. So, please be specific, to the point and clear with your topic. And you can write it in any language. 

Fax Number

Prime Minister Office Fax Numbers : +91-11-23019545, 23016857

Above mentioned numbers are the official fax numbers of PMO. If you have already written a letter then you can also use Fax numbers to share that directly to PM office. It may reach directly to them.


Popularly known as pgportal.gov.in, Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System which is being operated by Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances accepts public grievance and pension grievance complaints.

  • Go to pgportal.gov.in
  • Register and create an account
  • Go to Grievance tab
  • Select the type of query
  • Fill the form
  • Submit your complaint

If you are willing to contact the PM regarding any kind of public grievance or pension grievance. No need to disturb him, follow this portal. You may definitely get proper solution for your grievance.

Social Media

Communicating through social media handles always the best ways for every person to send the PM’s team, what they are willing to. You can use below mentioned channels.


Write a tweet and tag @narendramodi in it. You may get the response from his official twitter handle or the concerned team. It has been observed that PM Modi keeps an eye on his twitter handle. In fact you can also use @PMOIndia handle as well.


Similarly, you can also write a status on your Facebook Timeline and mention either Narendra Modi’s official fan page or PMO India’s facebook page.


You can also send message using the Instagram handle. In fact, if you want to dedicate a picture or want to attract Modi ji’s social media team. Use Instagram tagging option.

Narendra Modi Instagram Handle – www.instagram.com/narendramodi


It has also a send message option which can be used by the people to connect with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

NaMo Flickr ID – www.flickr.com/photos/92359345@N07


Narendra Modi ji is always available on LinkedIn. Follow him and communicate through the messaging option.


NAMO Mobile App is available for android and iPhone users. Install it in your smartphone and click on Help / Feedback tab. Using this option people can send their messages to Narendra Modi’s staff. You can also share the screenshots or images along with your message over there.

There are several other features available in this app like, reading about Modi Ji, latest news, projects, plans and updates on their accomplishments etc.

So, this is it. We hope the information was helpful for you. In case you want to suggest an edit, feel free to comment below. Please share the article to help others as well. Thank you

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