Bank of Baroda Home Loan – List of Documents Required (Checklist)

Are you planning a home loan from Bank of Baroda and willing to know about the required documents for them? Here is a checklist of all documents which are needed to attached with the application form of Bank of Baroda Home Loan.

The list is for Indian Residents, NRIs & PIOs around the globe. Here are the tables with proper information.

For Indian Residents

S. No. Type of documents required
1 Passport size photograph of all the applicants
2 Residence / Age Verification Proof. PAN card, Election ID, Passport, Driving License or Ration card
3 Proof of Business / office address
4 Bank statements for the last six months
5 Copy of IT Returns for last 3 years alongwith assessment order
6 Salary slips for last 3 months (Minimum) in case of salaried class applicants
7 Copy of LIC premium receipts, if any, and / or copies of other investments
8 Certified copies of Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss accounts, copy of IT Return alongwith assessment orders, advance tax challans (for both company/firm and personal account) for the last three years in case of self-employed / business category applicants
9 Brief profile of the company / firm in case of self-employed applicants
10 Guarantor Details
11 Copy of property documents
12 Cheque for unified processing charges

Bank of Baroda Home Loan

If you belong to NRI / PIO category, below mentioned list of documents your require to get successful approval of bank’s loan.

For NRIs / PIOs

Personal Documents

S. No. Type of documents required
1 Copy of the employment Contract (If the contract is in any language other than English, the same has to be translated into English and attested by Employer / Indian Embassy).
2 Certified copy of the latest salary slips for the past 6 months.
3 Copy of the Identity card issued by the current Employer.
4 Continuous Discharge Certificate, if applicable.
5 Copy of latest work permit.
6 Copy of the Visa stamped on the passport.
7 NRE Bank account pass book or statement of account.
8 Overseas Bank Account Statement for the last 6 months.
9 Bio-data covering educational qualifications, age, job experience, nature of profession/ business etc., with necessary proof.
10 Guarantor forms along with net worth proof / income proof.
11 A copy of IT returns of last 2 years. (Indian / Foreign)
12 Undertaking from the employer for remittance of monthly installment, wherever feasible, if stipulated in the sanction.
13 A salary certificate / income statement duly attested by our foreign office including susidiary office/certified by the competant authority available in the country may be produced. This may also include Chartered / Certified Accountants, officials of Inland Revenue Dept. (similar to Income Tax Authorities

in India) or any other agency specified for the purpose. Wherever attestation is not possible, this may be submitted duly notarized.

For Self Employed

(a) Balance sheets and profit & loss accounts of the business/profession along with copies of individual income-tax returns for the last three years, certified by a chartered accountant
(b) A note giving information on the nature of business /profession, form of organization, clients, suppliers etc.

For PIOs

1 A photocopy of the PIO Card or any of the under noted documents
2 Current passport indicating birth place in India / abroad.
3 Indian Passport, if held earlier
4 Parents or grand parents passport with details there in substantiating his claim of being a PIO

Property Documents

1 Receipt for payments made for purchase of the residential unit.
2 Copy of approved drawings of proposed construction / purchase.
3 Permission from competent authority for construction of flat/house
4 Permission from competent authority under Urban Land Ceiling & Regulation Act,1976
5 Agreement for sale / sale deed / detailed cost estimate from Architect / Engineer for the property to be constructed.
6 Allotment letter from the co-operative society/ association of apartment owners.
7 Other documents depending upon –

(i)             Property to be purchased directly from builder (ready / under construction).

(ii)           Property belonging to a Registered Co-operative Housing Society.

(iii)          Purchase in resale.

(iv)          Direct sale by any Development Authority.

(v)           Construction of house on a separate plot of land.

  • NRI = Non-resident Indian
  • PIO = Person of Indian Origin

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